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DTG Daily News Roundup

New 8K YouTube video crashes computers

YouTube have launched their first 8K film, entitled 'Ghost Towns', allowing users to watch videos in such high resolution that it has reportedly crashed some computers. The video should be able to run on Safari or Chrome but because of the processing power used, computers nearly always crash when watching it. Users without 4K monitors will also be unable to see all of the pixels.

DTG keynote at EBU Technical Assembly

On Thursday 11th June, Simon Gauntlett, CTO DTG, gave the opening keynote to the EBU Technical Assembly in Krakow on the future of television.

In it Simon discussed the challenges and opportunities of creating content for consuming on all types of devices and potential options for discover and monetisation.

DTG and CAI release draft of the latest R-Book for industry review

DTG and the CAI (Confederation of Aerial Industries) have been working on bringing the R-Book up to date and have released the first draft for industry review.

The 'R' stands for reception and the first versions of the R Books were initially produced between 2001 and 2005 covering the installation of digital television receiving systems.